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About Us

We are a small, family-run, farm based in Mentor, Ohio. We are dedicated to organic growing practices, and to an ecologically sustainable way of life. We sell small quantities of fruits and vegetables as well as shrubs and trees.

Contacting Us

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We are located at 5947 Hopkins Road, Mentor, Ohio.

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Doing our Part

Here at A's and O's Farm, we are concerned about the current state of the environment. We are making efforts to do our part, to reduce our carbon footprint, and offset our impact on the fragile environment we live in.

Our home is annually featured in the Ohio Solar Tour, and Tom regularly gives talks on renewable energy. We have a small windturbine and a large solar array located near the house which generate most of the electricity we use, supplemented occasionally with some human energy from the electricity generating exercise bike. We also have invested in some very high efficiency appliances including our tankless hot water heater, our washing machine, and our dishwasher.

We grow all of our crops without harmful pesticides and chemicals, and we use natural fertilizers such as compost and manure. We water our crops with water pumped via solar power from a well on our property. Most weeding is done by hand, as is the majority of the turning of the soil each spring.